Sakshi Garg
1 min readMar 4, 2020
Photo by Tobias Zils on Unsplash

Sometimes when you live by everyday life, you wonder “Oh thank god, things turned out this way.” That’s the sentiment I’m sharing today. Being grateful for the little things that turned out the way they did (may/may not be in sequence). It’s good to be grateful everyday.

I’m thankful for a wonderful last night and day.

I’m thankful for having the luxury of travelling between cities so easily.

I’m thankful for booking an early morning flight even though I had to compromise on sleep.

I’m thankful for finding an unoccupied washroom at the airport so I could poop in peace(they had like 2 washrooms).

I’m thankful for the nice poop which made for a very comfortable flight.

I’m thankful for the weather in Mumbai, surprisingly didn’t feel so humid here.

I’m thankful for the nice cab driver both ways and for little to no traffic.

Also the flight was very much on time, thanks Spice!

I’m thankful to my grandmother for having kept peeled out oranges for me when I arrived(❤).

I’m thankful for the sleep I could cover up on, coz Saturday (yay!).

I’m thankful I’m home so I could catch up on writing.

I’m thankful for music for filling the void in my day.