Feeling lucky

I’m feeling lucky today.

Lucky for looking like how I do.

Lucky for having a body like I do.

Lucky for my long legs.

Lucky for the size of my boobs.

Lucky for how I am.

Lucky for who I am.

Lucky for the people I am with.

Lucky for the blessings I live with.

Lucky for this moment.

Lucky for watching the Tony Robbins documentary.

Lucky for the kind of friends I have.

Especially for the ones who aren’t at all like me. (feeling a little different today!)

Lucky for all the problems I’ve faced.

Lucky for the fights I give.

Lucky for not being perfect.

I’m perfect the way I am, with my flaws. (If that makes any sense)

Lucky for being so lucky.

I’m really just feeling lucky today.



I write when I'm at peace

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